Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Just Be You...

I heartily welcome to one of my most dearest friends, Leo of I Rhyme Without Reason as a guest writer.

Whether it's about a fiction or a poem; Leo has a great art of expressing irrespective of writing styles or theme. I love reading his stories written with such an ease and innocence. He perfectly do justice to each of his compositions. Apart from this, he is a great person with excellent humor and down to earth. 

I am confident that very soon he'll be a well known name in the writing world (other than blogging). May this happen soon. * Fingers crossed *

He, directly or indirectly, teaches me, corrects and inspires me. You are a true friend, Leo. Thanks a lot for being there. I request you all to visit his wonderful blog to read some beautiful,worth and heart touching rhymes that comes naturally, stories that gives you reason to smile and to shed off worries. Following words from Leo ...

Be the one you feel you are,
not what others tell to you;
there are people you know
believe that you to be true.

Cook up a dish you love to,
that brings that lovely smile;
with that smile you can get,
someone to smile a while.

Do what makes you happy,
be with who makes you so;
listen to some joyful songs,
that your heart does know.

When you are really happy,
on your lips, let that show.
A song, a smile, that helps
no matter where you go.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fading Away

Your enclosure 
right from my birth 
I merely a bud
You save me from 
surrounding dearth,
Within you I nutured myself, 
A sudden casteaway of yours 
rendered me into a new self,
You're still by my side, 
yet you let my efflorecence
 to be in the light,
you have been always 
a part of me, 
without you 
 I am incomplete 
with lost essence of 
life and glee
I am fading away,
With each wind's blow 
I sway.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Four Secretive Walls

Away from the usual rushing crowd and customary 
So as to attain solace and delve something new I seek solitary
Where I can freely imbue my thoughts, deep feelings and realization
The creeping urge of it within has refined my life's interpretation 
It has stowed and extended me to a different visionary world 
Where you read and perceive different stories without hurled 
Insensitive to rest of the crowd it confronts in shades various
Like this, I've read many of the secret stories ; Anonymous!
Peeping through the lane, my eyes wander to embrace and pertain
Entrancing a picturesque behind the four walls and curtain
There are so many four secretive walls all around me  
Conspire a perception, the same moment could be of grief or glee
Those split seconds bless birth to someone and takes away someone's life
My sight clutches their encountering vibes vary from refrain to strife 
Some of them screams aloud to get my attention and empathy
But then, a realism overtakes; Am no one to interfere and I turn apathy

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Craziest thing I did not to miss out a match.

There was a time when CRICKET ''a wooden stick hits a ball game'' used to sound the weirdest thing to me and now it's something that can make me go craziest in the world. Earlier I used to have fights with my elder brother to watch cartoons. Since, he is elder to me so most of the time I had to follow his instructions. I in order to prove that still I haven’t lose :P and nothing can stop me from watching tv I used to sit there and stare at the screen with no idea of the game. Somehow that was a beginning or my first interplay with cricket.

My father too is a great fan of cricket. Whenever there are big matches he invites all his friends at home to experience the nail biting moment and enjoy delicious snacks made by mom. 2007, T-20 World Cup’s final  India Vs Pakistan match I count as one of the most exciting moments in my life. The last ball of the game was like Do or Die. I wanted India to win anyhow and we won. I had tears in my eyes. My family members and uncles were shouting out loud, dancing, laughing, discussing about each and every ball. That day, I realized the beauty of this game. The perfect zeal it gives can be found no where.

Cricket gave me a true friend. Surprised? Hmm...let me tell you.
 Gunjan was the only girl in the entire 7th grade who loved cricket. I didn't know how to start the conversation so I started with the cricket knowing well she would happily give response to that.The same happened. Her eyes were lit up and I was getting joyous to see her interest. Next day she herself came to me to discuss about the previous day's match. Whenever we had a free time in school we would talk about the previous- upcoming matches, strategies and records. Time came when our friends refuse to sit with us just because they were totally fed up of listening to our same blah blah! 

Now it is a high time to share the most craziest thing I did not to miss out a match. Whenever my exams come dad refuse to get recharge out our TV plan. He knows, despite of all the pressure of exams I'll be not able to resist myself to let go a match unseen. I am no less :D
What I did... I simply convinced my mother with an excuse that few of the pages from my notes are missing and our teacher  remarked them as very important for tomorrow's exam. I'll simply ask Gunjan for notes, get them photocopy and without wasting any time I'll be back to home. She thought for a while and said Ok.

Gunjan, I've come here to watch today's match Ind Vs Aus but please don't let my mom know of this. Her eyes didn't lit up listening to cricket this time. What happened? 
'' Simran, my parents too have strictly warned me not to watch any cricket matches until our exam gets over.'' That's a real shit, Gunj!  I felt disappointed and dejected. But you know I still want to watch the match anyhow and that too with you. Are you with me, Gunj?
Yesh, I am with you. Tell me your master plan she said giving me a high five!
Aunty, We need to buy an NCERT Physics to go through the topics. Time is so less if we will read from our side book we won't be able to complete even a single topic properly. Please allow Gunjan and me...
Ok Ok I allow you both but keep it in mind you shouldn't make late and wander here and there unnecessarily. Ok promise aunty. I said with the cutest possible smile.

Our motive was not to miss the match but still we didn't have idea how to. If we would go to our friends' home then their parents will do our complain and we will be easily get caught. There is no chance of going to their home. Hmm.. then?
On the way we found a big television showroom. There were many LED TV's kept displaying match on star cricket. That's our way, Gunj. Lets go! It was fun watching our favorite thing on a big screen. Suddenly the owner of the showroom interrupted us and asked about our interest in a particular brand. Uncle, actually our dad has told us to wait here until he comes. We are interested to buy one from your shop. He'll be here anytime. I said so, so that he keep patience with us that we are his profitable customers. We were in form...totally lost in the game.Unaware of where we were. Soon, we found the owner of the showroom was also taking interest in listening to our views and guesses. After an hour he again asked about dad. We realized it was getting too late. Uncle I received a call from dad he is busy with work. We will come here tomorrow. With our tricks and smart excuses me convinced our moms but the real shit was yet to happen in the exam hall. Something we didn't want. Those 3 hours seemed hardest to be passed.   

Someone is Special insisted me to write for this contest

Sunday, May 11, 2014

आज कहानी कुछ और होती

ख़ामोशी के अफ़साने में 
शब्दोँ का दमन नही होता 
शोर के मध्य शान्ति का
 असर नही होता 
ठीक जैसे अन्धकार हो जाता है
 विलुप्त हर उषा को 
सच नहीं बैठता देर तक 
 अन्धकार कि चादर ओढ़हे 
देखी पर विश्वास है 
पर विश्वास तो अदृश्य है
दरख्वास्तें हुई, पर्दे भी हटे 
सच कि अंतः विजय हुई 
पर एक कसक रह गई 
दिल के एक कोने में , बंजर 
ऐतबार कर लिया होता गर 
आज कहानी कुछ और होती 
हमें वक्त ने गढ़ा शर्त पर 
उसके मुताबिक ढल जाने को
शायद हम वक्त को ढाल लेते 
अपने अनुसार लाख आजमाने पर 

Published Works

When you become confident enough about yourself and your skills then a high time comes when develop a keen desire to show it to the world to grace their hearts with art and your heart with others' praises. Something very similar in my case too. Blogging and its great people ( My dear friends and readers) exposed the hidden talent in me. I always wanted my poems to get published but somehow I wasn't getting a reach to the right people until that day.... April 02, 2014 when my poetry ''The Night After The Storm'' got published in Writer's Ezine Magazine . That's the first color added to my dream at the age of's beautiful, alluring....a beginning towards my dream :)  
Magazine in print is available on & Flipkart

''God has better plans for us than ours.'' Another poetry on April 24, 2014 ''An Untold Story'' got published in Fragrance Magazine  which added sparkle to my just coloring up dream. A desire within to achieve something keeps one going and while that if you get an encouragement, support, happiness in your uplifts to to greater heights. There is a lot to do to make a lot, to make it in real.  

Published in WE September 2014 issue

My Poetry got Published in novel ''Bizarre Emotions'' 2015
Available @ Flipkart

Three of my poems got published in ''Rhymes and Rhythm'' 2015
Co- authored story got published in ''A Little Chorus of Love'' 2015

Sunday, May 04, 2014

The page turned!

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 46; the forty-sixth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton

Like any other evening the sky was shrouded with dull orange and red tinge. The sun was almost sinking at the horizon. Chirruping birds were returning to their home.The narrow rays of radiance were striking straight to the transparent brimming sea. Smoothly dancing ripples were tranquil to my excessive loitering mind. I kept on staring at them for a few minutes. The beach was greatly rabble with kids, teenagers and old- new couples. I wanted to join them and to secretly learn different tracks of their lives. I wanted to listen each of theirs' story but this time I ignored for, I myself wasn't able to switch the capricious secret for which Arpit had called me here.I had no idea except the seriousness in his abrupt tone when he talked to me last time. About 30 minutes a ago.

I stood there until it was dark. By then, that area was enveloped with sheer desert and deep hush. Dribbling sea waves scared me like anything. I felt the surrounding strange and unsafe. Finally I decided to leave for home. Suddenly a voice came from back, if anyone there please help. I looked behind but to my surprise there was no one.Was that hallucination? I rubbed my eyes and I started towards my destiny. Again I listen something. Help! please help!

Being panicked I rushed towards the voice. Behind the small rock there was a little girl in a red color frock sobbing and covering her face with her hands. I got closer to her and smoothly rubbed her hairs. Hey little princess, what happen to you? what's your name? She looked through the space between her fingers. Don't worry princess I won't harm you. She smiled at me and in a so cute voice she said, my name is Rashi. 
Really? Mine too* I smiled fondly being oblivious of that anxiety I had been going through after his call. With whom did you come here? Where is your mom?
Rashi di, I have never seen my mom. My aunt had left me here this afternoon and had strictly told me not to get back to her. I am all alone and scared. I miss my mom and again she broke into tears. 

I bent down on my knees and hugged her. Am with you, Rashi. I'll take care of you and will give all my love to the cute princess. Lets go 

She smiled happily and gave a kiss on my left cheek. I perceived her pain better than others because I had no family. In a wave of enmity and revenge because my father couldn't repay the money; I lose all of them,my parents and brother were murdered. All of sudden their leave from my life led me into a state of depression. I had no hopes or expectation from life but then Arpit, my childhood friend helped me to withstand and cope up with the challenges of life. He taught me what if the winds are blowing hard in an opposite direction, what if the way I have to walk on is destructed, what if the sky has turned dark, what if I get fail. It is not the end until or unless I give up. All is not lost, the unconquerable will and the courage never to yield. His words strengthen me at the core. 

I was living happily yet I always felt a need to share my loneliness with someone. Rashi's walk into my life added hues to my hopes. With her I started living the same life which I used to live long back. We would play, tease, sing,chatter for hours, watch cartoons. In the return of her kiss I listened to all her problems and demands. She had became my sweet little world. After a week I realized, Arpit didn't call me after that day. I had no news of him. Shit! how can I do like this..I must call him.
Hello Arpit there?
Yes. Hi Rashi. How are you?
I am fine but where are you? No contacts?
Why didn't you come that day?
I had came there but then I stopped when I saw you with a little girl.I wanted to see what decision you make.I was afraid that my presence might influence and I didn't want that. Am happy to say, you did a right thing Rashi.
How's the little Rashi?
Wow! you know her name too? Smart haan
She is fine. Come and meet her. She would be happy to see you.
Sure. I'll come.
Is there something serious for which you called me on that day?

Yes. I'll tell you this evening.

Again the worry surfaced over me. Arpit came in the evening. He had brought chocolates and a pink frock for the little Rashi. Both of them talked and played for sometime. When Rashi got busy in watching cartoon, we started discussion. He told me something that shaken up my smooth steady life. Raju is the reason behind your miseries. He had killed your family 20 years ago. He is in the city. This is the chance to take the revenge. Again he said, All is not lost, the unconquerable will and the courage never to yield.

Rashi, you have to fight for your family, for what you lose, for yourself. I am with you.
I have to fight and not let go things leniently. Raju has to pay for this!
Little Rashi, Please forgive me. I'll be back to you soon. Till then Arpit will take care of you.
Lots of Love!

Last entry: 5th May, 2000

Exactly fourteen years have been passed since I have been waiting for Rashi di. I hope you are fine. I am praying for your success. You are true and strong and I am sure you will win over all the troubles. The room echoed with the repetition of same words. I cried on reading her last note written in her diary. The page was partially wet due to my ceaseless tears. Wiping my tears I said to myself, things will get change. Nothing will go wrong. God is with me and Rashi di, she will be back! The page will turn to give a fresh start. A strong wind blew and the page of the diary turned. Rashi smiled regaining her hope.
She immediately scribbled few lines on a new page-

As this page has turned
There would be afresh start
With new hopes and journey
Life is a beautiful art

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