Wednesday, June 26, 2013


A sweet lullaby
when my mother hum with love
bless me with strength and peace

Tunes played for a sec
I espy well and stringed with
it speaks my story

My heart tunes sweetly
plays magical set of notes
just for you,my love

Written for Haiku Heights 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Laws alone are not enough!

The story of violence against women seems endless in our country even after the 65 years of Independence. Women were considered feckless and even today the same. We can say, the status of women has upheaval by the present time. Many of the laws have been made by the government, seats are reserved for the women in train compartments, Lok sabha, and colleges and are given special privileges in society but that's not enough.
 Laws alone are not enough!
According to the laws, everyone has a right to be treated equally but actually they are limited to the constitution only. If it would have been followed truly; there would have been no injustice to women in society, no insecurity, no contempt, why the number of rape cases are increasing day by day? Why their faces are burned with cruelty if they protest for the wrong happened to them? Why they are being threatened? .Still the women of our country are struggling for the respect and equal position in the society.

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Last year, I was given a home assignment to write an essay about the 'Situation of the Women in Our Society'. I wrote my essay of 3 pages. As I am a favorite student so my teacher asked me to show my essay before other students. He was happy I never failed him as my assignments are always updated. He read my first line; made a big red circle ... that line was ''Women in our society are treated no less than a slave’’. 

He randomly prompted a question Does your father treat your mother as a slave?? I replied No! Was completely blank because that's not what exactly I meant. Then again he asked, Do your parents treat you and your brother unequally?? Are you not being loved by your parents because you are a girl child?
I had no answer to those questions. He kept on speaking: Don't you see the great remarks made by females in our society and society's acceptance to their contributions?

That was the point I took. Sir, I agree to what you have said , you are not wrong in any of the ways but your  views are concise to those remarks only, to those personalities. Still in many parts of India and country women are treated no less than a slave. Again I repeated the same statement, if it's not so then why they are deprived to even take birth just because she is a girl child! (Is it a mistake?) Why is she discriminated in society even in her own family?? Though our country has achieved Freedom but it's useless if the woman of such a country lives with fear, strange, disguise to go alone in the streets or even live secure at her own home??
They have always a terror in their mind of being raped, exploited, and disregarded by the society.

They are not allowed to take the decisions ...why? Because they have no respect; they have actually but our so called sagacity society does not feels to give importance. For men women are like a toy with whom they play till the time they enjoy and throw them away like a garbage ,even today in many Indian families a girl child is considered as a curse; a bad fate to them. To get rid off that curse they even commit shameful and merciless act such as Female Feticide. Though their condition has improved but still they are treated as slaves!

The classroom was echoing with claps. Even my teacher agreed. He said, 
Changes in society comes gradually not instantly; but you are right. I was happy and felt stronger from inside. I spoke of something that must be louder to the society to pursue the wanted change.  

While stepping through the streets when a guy gives me a strange look I hesitate a bit of his creep intentions but within a second I take my steps with confidence.
I am not a curse to this world and being a female is not a curse to me. I am proud to be a girl and those who aren't I'll make them proud not only of me but of all the women. 
For that we need to step out of our fears, boundaries that society has marked to keep us deprive of our rights. Let us stand independent for ourselves yet united. 
‘Unity has a power, right things can't be ignored for the longer time, we can't win without loosing... We've already lost now it's time to win! ‘

“Woman must not accept; she must challenge. She must not be awed by that which has been built up around her; she must reverence that woman in her which struggles for expression.” - Margaret Sanger

Sunday, June 16, 2013

♥ Happy Fathers' Day Dady ♥

Dady & Me (Priceless moments)

Walking along him,
Holding his hand; I grew,
He loves me a lot that truth I know,
He keeps on asking ‘‘whose cute princess you are?'' 
‘‘Who loves you the most?''
With a gurgle and in unclear pronunciation I say da -dayy !
Day by day he loved me more,
And he made his place within my heart's core..
He loves me more than anything else that he ensured,
Never even allowed a tear to trickle down from my eyes,
And taught me many lessons to be a good heart and wise;
Again he asks with an eager expression...
‘‘whose cute princess you are?''
 ’’Who loves you the most?''
And I say with proud and with a broad smile, Dady!
He reads my heart, 
He reads my mind..
If something goes wrong he gives me advice,
My cute princess, You are brave don't loose hope,
I love you the most and I say with a smile..
Me too love you a lot Daddy.. :)

Wishing you ''HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DADY’’ you are my world, I love you Dady:) 

Friday, June 14, 2013

The murky eve

While walking today
below the dusky eve sky
had many things to do
but I realized to be in
sole and meet my own-self

Is much more important 
In this world of attraction
or other foremost priorities 
I almost stopped giving 
it myself

Maybe that's the reason 
my poetic expressions hardly comes out,
 while writing this, I know still it's not
that poetic as it used to be 
not that rhythmic

Yet I'll never ever let lost
my passion, poetry!
Today somehow my blue inner world
quoth in solicitous ace
to get my pamper

The murky eve illuminated pessimist 
in me, 'again the world is ready
 to get lost in the evil darkness'
yet another day in its grip!!
No one can direct nature
But nature does

Friday, June 07, 2013

Color speaks

These colors on my face
Set of emotions I embrace

Hidden they were deep inside 
Now, I let them out to preside 
Every shade of color speaks 
My life, my heart & momentous clicks

Sunday, June 02, 2013

''The Destiny & Fate''

Time Comes In Life When We Are Close To Our Dreams But We Fail To Make Them Come True!!

I want to flow with my dreams
like a liquid roll on whims 
Wherever it finds a way!

With this very thought 
I was moving on a slot
Here meets ''The Destiny & Fate''

I still have the impulse 
to my dream destiny
but Fate locks me 

My Destiny, before me 
I am helpless !
no path to reach there