Monday, April 15, 2013


Numbness revive when the door flux by the wind
I give it a mythical constant glare as if it has something
 to say; In my mind what goes on-
   '' थिरकन  ये  होती  जो हलचल 
   आहट ये  होती जो  आवाज़ 
    तन्हाई को मिल जाता कोई साथी 
   ख़तम होता ये इंतज़ार ''
These few lines of my poetry ruined my fate into exactly 
A touch of musty across, I perceive that rupture my inner self
Shake up my consciousness till I get back to reverie 
My initial stage where aggression remains unrelenting   
A battle in my heart and mind ; he left me in sole!
Does that mean he has changed his goal that once belonged to me?
Will I be remain in solitary, deceived as yesterday I was? 
The inner me that roar- 
''Since the beginning it was only and only You
 Your life is as empty as it was; It may remain
 If today you don't get your eyes open to reality
 The world has changed and so its people, not you
 Get change because there is nothing to wait
 There was there is and there will be always
 the God for you; no one else
Love him for he love you the most
He would never ever leave you alone!''

P.S.- Many of you can relate to this, I need not explain ...

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Haiku: Fire

The ranging injustice
has kindle flame thrust within 
scorch me, urge for protest

Hustle haste moves
of tectonic plates, blaze
volcano outburst 

April A2Z Heights - Day 06 - Fire

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Haiku: Butterfly

I'm nature's creature
my mystical wings, passionate beauty
 rest to suck nectar 

We reflects the ecosystem
aegis balance of nature
we form Kaleidoscope

April A2Z Heights - Day 02 - Butterfly

Monday, April 01, 2013


चुटकियों में बीत जाने वाला क्षण हम सबके पास होता है ,

हर बार हर एक के लिए अलग मायनों में ,

किसी को क्षण भर जिंदगी मिल जाती है ,

किसी के क्षण मात्र में प्राण चले जाते हैं ...

Haiku : Ascent

World illuminates
with the preen light of Sun rise
evading darkness 

When I find a bird 
soaring high in the wide sky
sigh! my life, a cage

April A2Z Heights - Day 01 - Ascent