Sunday, November 13, 2011

Marvel With Surf Excel Matic

It was a Sunday afternoon.Lara was doing painting.The cell phone beeped,the screen flashed as ''Message received from Rhea''. Hey Lara, What are you doing?
She quickly replied her,''I'm making a girl's sillihoute ..What are you doing?''
After 2 minutes again Lara received a message from Rhea,''I'm selecting a dress for tonight's party..Aren't you joining us?''.
Lara replied her while holding the paint brush in her hand ,''Yes, Of course I'm coming..'Lara loves parties and parties loves Lara ' , Well I'm gonna be the show stopper tonight''. She teased Rhea. Again she resume to complete her sillihoute.
Suddenly the door bell rang..She chuckles ''Who's this now?'' keeping the paint brush besides the canvas she briskly walked towards the door. She get so happy to see the man from laundry holding her most prestigious and beautiful dress. It was a sea green colored gown with little stones and silver embroidery over it and a special gift she received from her granny last year on her birthday. She utters, ''Granny I love you for this''. 
The laundry man asked Lara to check if the dress is alright from every corner...
Lara chuckle with excitement,''Yes, thank you so much!''
The laundry man leaves ,Lara shut the door with a broad grin and excitement on her face.
She quickly send a text message to Rhea to inform about her so special dress, ''Hey Rhea, I've received my beautiful dress :) ''
She receives a message from one of her classmate, Neha ''Have you completed your Chemistry notes?''
Lara reply her ,''Yes I've completed and given to Sarika...You can borrow it from her but intimate me before taking! I'm little busy right now.''
And again the cell phone rings up!
Oh God! My fans can't even leave me for a second and laughs..
It was a call from her dad..She receive the call and utter softly, Hello Dad 
''Lara I'll  send car sharply by 7:00 PM .Do not make late because today's schedule is little busy and I've to go for a business meeting'' Lara's father informs her.
Making her father assure Lara chuckle, ''Sure dad, Don't worry! I'll be on time.''
That's my girl ! Say her father with satisfaction
And after the conversation Lara realized that from past 3 hours she was busy in gossip via sms and calls.
Oh God! My sillihoute is not completed yet! 
Now no more calls and msgs I'm going to reply! Huh!!
If I've started then I must not leave it incomplete but where the hell is my paint brush??
I'm so silly and unconscious , Lara utters when she see her dress kept near the Canvas.
Holding her so special sea green coloured gown she takes a long deep breath, and say ,Thank God ! It is safe..
She feels something wet and sticky on the other side on her dress and finds that she had left the paint brush filled with black colour below her dress and now the paint color mess up with her dress!
This was only left to be done! Sorry Grand ma I spoiled so special present from you..Forgive me! 
She uttered with tears in her eyes..   
She briskly walks towards her store room searched for the spray or other stain remover !
and found Surf Excel matic pack in wardrobe .

 She readily read with excitement  It's triple-powered formula ensures that the toughest of stains are removed easily in just one wash. So be it top load or front load, choosing Surf excel Matic makes perfect sense!
A little hope arise..
She dipped her dress in mild hot water with two little spoon of Surf Excel Matic and kept it for few mins .
After some time she thought to check if the colour vanished or not ...keeping her finger cross she took out her dress from the bucket and shouted with an enthrallment ''Yey! I can't believe the stain is no more! Wow ! the best magic I've ever experienced just in 5 mins  !
She stares at clock ..and found she was still left with 2 extra -hours .
Quick Lara quick you've to complete your painting for tomorrow's Great Painting Contest!! She uttered in excitement.
After the hard work and dedication of 2 hours she completed the painting which she was supposed to submit for the contest to be held the very next day. 
She was so beautiful that there was no need to use cosmetics and in no time she was ready to leave for the party!
The clock striked 7:00 PM and a knock on door. 
She opened the door and found car sent by her father to leave her to the event destiny.
She reached there in no time. There was a huge beautiful palace and the stairs were covered with red carpet. 
Everything was so lavish with the glory of decoration and high status people. There was so much of gathering.
A voice from my back aloud but was soft,'' Hey Lara! You're looking gorgeous ..A show stopper indeed!''  said Rhea.
Thanks Rhea!
And now there was an announcement .. there was a pin drop silence in that big hall gathered with so many people.
A man in black suit announced ,''Ladies and Gentleman today we have a special surprise guest  !! Yes a special surprise guest..Welcome to Robert Pattinson 
Again the hall sounded up with talking. 
the fellow announced to be silent and hear him..
''All the ladies hold your heart ..Today we will choose the woman in best get up and that lucky lady will be the dance partner of our tonight's special surprise guest!!
There were some crucial rounds and I was still left in a hope along with two competitors..
They were not the less!
Now Robert was invited on the stage to select the best one!
My heartbeats were so fast! 
His glimpse striked to mine . He smiled and holding my hand he announced me as his dancing partner and the most beautiful one !
It was like a dream come true!
This all miracle happened because of Surf Excel Matic! An instant  super magic indeed..
Because of it's prodigy formula I saved my time,completed my painting, got a chance to be the dancing partner of Robert Pattison and the most important one I saved my so special and precious gift I received from my Grand ma!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Thank you Thursday Poet Rally  for honoring me with Perfect Poet Award

  Stagnant perspex
Glistening dark
Savoring spark
Muttering musing 
Thought of New Day New Hope
Surrendered mistake
A promise to remake the break
Stardom to ponder with elegance and ahead way