Sunday, October 30, 2011

‘Love is a two way street: Love your hair and it loves you back''

The beauty of hairs
Attracts and capture the attention of every stare,
But it is hard to nourish and to give proper care
Busy schedule and outings makes them dull and shiny rare,
My beauty is evading away...
I'm aware!
Nothing is with me that can sooth me or do fair justice with my thin hairs
Then I recapitulated the famous saying: 
''Love is a two way street: Love your hair and it loves you back''
Searching all around I found the trustworthy Dove,
I pampered my hairs and said, don’t worry now it's Dove for you to love,
And the day I started this beautiful journey of Dove's Love,
I found a brand new day waiting for me to see my true colors of pulchritude 
Embraced me within its charm and defined me with a unique personality!
Restoring the softness
It nourished my dry hairs,
Now my hairs fall very rare,
They can feel the fresh air,
Dove lengthen my hairs 
With eternal shine and strength 
Though I don't have much time for my hairs
But having Dove along with my journey I do not worry
Because Dove is now there to care my beauty... my hairs,
Now I can say the beauty lies within me,
Within my hairs and I found one sweet lover Dove to protect and nourish with everlasting care!
And now the world itself says, ''You've Beautiful hairs''
Then I smile and say with proud, ‘Love is a two way street: Love your hair and it loves you back''
Try Dove

Saturday, October 29, 2011


The theme this week is “POWER”
An acrostic is a type of poetry where the first letters of each line spell out the theme of the poem (in this case, POWER).Poem of 5 lines, with 5 words in each line.

Perky heart with soft spark,
Overwhelm the pain of rejection,
Wonder others by fighting reality,
Extraordinary decision and thoughts prejudice,
Reaping germinated crop of unity. 

Friday, October 28, 2011


Welcome to the Romantic Friday Writing Challenge, started and hosted by L'Aussie Denise and Francine Howarth, where participants share their own 300-400-word text on a given theme & current theme is Haunting!
and here it comes..........

Hey Shirley, I turned back with a broad grin on my face sensing the voice well known...It was Jemmy, my forever love. Seeing him I forget the heartache groaning within me. I hugged him tightly to feel secure within his arms. He sensed the pain reflecting through my eyes and asked ''Is everything OK, Shirley?''
No, I've called you here to tell you something that is disturbing me from so long. He stared me with confused glimpse and asked with worry...What's that? ''Honey, I'm getting anonymous letters from 2 weeks and all is about our love. That person don't want to see us together and so that someone is sending me warning letters to leave you forever otherwise you'll be killed'' I told him with tears filled eyes. And because of that I'm so depressed. Dreary thoughts haunts me every second and all of these made me sleepless...Even such thoughts are not leaving me in my dreams.

A shadow of demeanor thought confronting before,
Unable to bring lucidity anymore,
Carving dreams of our love...
But being unknown to destiny I can not explore,
The thunder of remorseless voice echoing in my heart,
That made uneasy for me to love you;
I'm helpless!
Shadow of demeanor thought confronting before,
Drowsy shakes of reluctance haunting me at each step,
Leaving me behind the door of numb courage,
In Illusion of dark void turmoil,
Slurring steeple,
I won't let you go my love!

And again a weird dream that haunts me at each night as I was left alone in this battle field to fight! I exclaimed with a sigh. I'm fed up with these negative vibe dreary dreams! I don't care of myself but now it's the matter of your life and I don't want to take any chance.
Holding me tightly in his arms and kissing my forehead, 
He said, ''Shirley, I love you more than anything in my life...You're the reason I'm living for! I promise you to love even after my life so, how could I leave you because of such warning letters. Nothing can stop me from loving you and no one can break the eternity loving bond soul mates.

''To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.''

With the same feeling I across that moment and now I was standing with a confidence as this time my most powerful weapon, my love was with me!

That's all guys .This week's theme is 'Haunting' ! Come and join us.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Diwali

Aroma of festival is flourishing around,
Joy and excitement is over bound,
Homes are enlightening with glowing lights and candles ,
Ranging elation is hard to handle,
Colorful rangoli reflects the hue of life,
 Symphony of togetherness strives..
Oh ! So it's Diwali night waiting,
Lets spread the love and enjoy celebrating.

Wishing You all A Very Happy Diwali 

Monday, October 24, 2011


Poignant eternity
I'm falling 
In lap of ground 
To meet lavish green growth
With soft cool dew 
To withdraw oneself 
Into this vast eternity
Once again.

Friday, October 21, 2011


कहाँ - कहाँ ये चले जाते हैं कवि ,
  भावनाओ के समुंदर में डुबकी लगा      
संवेदनाओ के अनमोल मोती चुन लाते हैं  ,
जिस यथार्थ से अछुता है भुक्त  भोगी ,
उसे हर पल जीते हैं ये बन कर योगी ,
सतह से वास्ता न कोई इनका  ,
 गहराईयों से ले आते हैं ज्योति ,
काल जय लेखनी बन इनकी अवरोध देती प्रलय क्रीड़ा की ,
समय बोध है इनकी अचुद थाती
करुना से हैं ह्रदय के प्यास भुझाते 

मेरी  दादी जी  द्वारा - स्वर्ण कौर 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

~ First Sweet Milestone ~

Little things we do make someone feel special on their special day, and if that day is 1st birthday of a special person’s blog then there is no bound for happiness. Today is one such sweet day for this little flower Simran Kaur, celebrating first birthday of her precious space, “My Friendship”. She is known for her friendship in blogosphere and here is an ode to her friendship…

celebrations are special
in a sweet journey
and they unite us with
each passing moment!

memories are special
like our childhood
no one can count
the smile it brings!

with words I wish
the little flower
to cross further miles
a sweet journey starts again…!

With these words, I end my stay here and welcoming Simran to the party… Here she goes…

I'm so happy and excited! It's my blog anniversary. Today my blog turned a year and I've passed a beautiful year in blogging world. I was waiting so eagerly for this day to celebrate. Happy Birthday My Dear Blog! Now you're a Special part of my life! Because of you I earned so much of respect and love. I'd also like to wish my friend, Someone is Special a.k.a Saravana Kumar on his second blog anniversary which is on 20th October .Do not miss the fun and celebration on his blog !

And today on this very special day I want to share about how I started my blogging journey :) I still remember our conversation, one day during our normal talks my friend Sonali asked me, 'why don't you write blogs?' Then my reply was... 'Blogs?? Isn't so boring to blog?'

She told me about every fun in this blogging world..But still there was a question in my mind, what to post now? As friendship is so precious for me so I thought to start my blog with a friendship post and so I named my blog as ''My Friendship'' and On 19th October, 2010 I started this sweet journey. Thanks to Sonali, who encouraged me start a blog.

And I must tell you about the person who inspired me to write poetry, my friend, Sneha. Because of her inspiration today I'm able to express my thoughts and feelings with you all beautifully and I got a wonderful talent of expressing. I'm blessed! Thank you so much, Sneha.

As the days were passing in blog-sphere my love for blogging was ranging so high. Whenever I get free time I write poems, reflection of thoughts to share with you all and the excitement of posting and receiving all of yours sweet and precious comments are so delightful! I love reading your blogs and your stuffs made me a big fan of you all...

I try my best to read and comment on your blogs but sometimes because of my exams I fail to read your posts I miss you all and my blog so much during that time .I have learned many things from all of you that really helps me in my day to day life and then I smile and thank you within my heart .During my blogging journey I'm blessed with so many good and talented friends. It's because of all yours love and encouragement that helps to write...Without you all it would have been impossible to move further in this journey! My special thanks to all you who praised me at each step and also my granny. She is so happy to get so many sweet readers after so many years. My Granny's love and blessings are with you all.

a priceless gift from Hema...

कुछ ख़ास है....सबके दिल के बहुत पास है
कुछ ऐसा रिश्ता है दिलों से इस ब्लॉग का
कि सबकी भावनाओ की भुझाता यह प्यास है

हर पोस्ट लगे अपना सा....हर शब्द लगे अपने से
सबकी सपनो की तलाश पूरी होती बस आपको पढ़ते ही
नींद की ज़रुरत अब किसे यहाँ हर भाव लगे सपने से

हर बार नया कुछ.....थोडा नहीं है बहुत कुछ
जो पढ़े तुम्हे कोई भी फिर कहीं और न जाता है
बिन तारीफ किये फिर वो न जाता असर ऐसा कुछ

कई नए दोस्त बने....दो नदियों के पुल तुम बने
जोड़ा कितने भटकों को एक दुसरे से तुमने
तुमसे ही शुरू और ख़त्म नए किस्से कहानियां बने

जो तुमसे जुड़ जाता है....लिखनी का कायल हो जाता है
हाँ तुम छोटी हो पर इस उम्र में भी क्या गज़ब लिखती हो
गहरी सोच और सपनो की उड़ान देख हर शख्स दंग रह जाता है

रिश्ते, प्यार, दोस्ती,....और देर सारी मस्ती
ज़िन्दगी के कई रूप बताती जीने का मतलब समझाती
तजुर्बे, सीख, हास्य, प्यार, आशीर्वाद दादी माँ सी हस्ती

Hema Nimbekar

precious lines from Monu...

A second home,
Of life to share,
With people around,
Who really care♥ ♥ ♥

A place called blog,
Where feelings pour,
Sometime its sweet,
Sometime its sour♥ ♥ ♥

A birthday is nothing,
But a word to buzz,
Showing the time flows,
As river does♥ ♥ ♥

One more year,
Passed with peace,
Time for celebrations,
Time to please♥ ♥ ♥

♥ Happy blog anniversary to dearest Sim ♥

♥ Happy birthday to you "My friendship" ♥

Portia's lovable gift...

and finally, here comes the party... enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's

 all yours!!!!!!
Sweet lines from Sancheeta...

Few miles and my friendship

Blog blogging and relationship

An uplipftment of self realization

Through creating page of a wonderful world
Virtual space feelings so true
Creators canvas multicolored hue
Light up the candles
On a choco layered cake

It is time to celebrate 
The two blog's Happy Birthday

Wish you both the best
Journey ahead a lifelong 
Bond with the best of the best
 My love and care to my little princess ♥
My love and care to Saravana ♥

Sweet Lines from Alpana...

As I look 
beyond the ripples of my reflection
To examine my inner self
The ripples begin to fade
As the reflection lays beside me
Grasping my hand
The inner warmth shields me
And the vision of my reflection appears

Thursday, October 06, 2011

मुष्ट काय (नाईका )

तेरे प्यार के इतने फूल खिले ,
बदन पे सारे जड़ने लगे ,
मै कैसे संभालू तन को पिया ..
मेरे कड़े हैं सारे कसने लगे ,
तुने चाहा है मुझे इतना रसिया वजन ये कहानी कहने लगे ,
मै  कैसे चुराओ आँख सनम सारे लोग हैं मुझ पे हँसने लगे ,
तेरा मुखड़ा देख मै इतनी खिली मेरे अंग अंग सारे भरने लगे ,
मध् प्याले मैंने इतने पिए मेरी चाल ये सबसे कहने लगी ,
बतियाँ न करो इतनी हमसे कि बैठ के उठने मे देर लगे ,
अब कैसे बड़ेगी गाड़ी सनम ?
दोनों पहिये तो गड़बड़ करने लगे  

मेरी दादी जी द्वारा - स्वर्ण कौर  

English Translation

Blossoms of your love is blowing,
They all are getting stocked up on me so firmly,
How could I handle my self ..Oh my love!
My all dresses are about to tight!
The amount of love you gave me is all reflecting through my gaining weight,
I'm blushing ..where to hide my face,
Everyone is laughing upon me!
To have you around I can't tell the happiness and excitement   that leads me to you,
I drank so much of Scotch that steps are expressing all through..
Do not talk with me so much that it becomes hard to leave you ,
How could I move forward my love?
My steps are diverging to you!

By my Grandmother- Swarn Kaur

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

A Twilight Of Remembrance

Fragrance of memories re floated in my mind,
Some songs of amour I borrowed in my heart,
I sung them with a flicker flourishing petals of love,
Scattering spark of stars at night in my sight,
Open windows of my heart re ventilated with the breeze of care,
The moon's gleam enlightening me in dark as you beholded my hand in solitary,
These clouds are sketching you face with smile ,
As you're watching me at every step even in mid of the night,
Holding you along I wishes to live throughout the life

Sunday, October 02, 2011


Glittering shingles,
I walked on,
Leaving my footprints as residue of my presence,
Soothing waves brushing my hairs,
I can feel the  pleasure,
The treasure of moments I lived ,
Sitting at shore,
Closing eyes,
Melody enchanting in my heart,
I attained peace,
But that Silent Sunset is asking me ,
''Are You Setting Down As Me?''
Have you done with the reason of your life?
I opened my eyes,
Searching  the meaning of my presence and I couldn't find the one!
As each moment was passing ..It was getting darker and darker,
And all the footprints ,
The meaning ruined in shrieking splashes of water waves,
I realized that the whole life I lived in dilemma of satisfaction 
In Assembling my desire I forgot the target of my life,
I'm all alone left in this deep ocean of emptiness and delusion 
And I've no answer to reply the Almighty!

Linking this post with Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 55

Saturday, October 01, 2011


संस्कार है जिंदगी का पहला ज्ञान ,
यही है हमारी जीवन की सच्ची पहचान ,

सादगी और उच्च विचार हैं इसके भेद ,
ये न होने देता है किसी से मदभेद ,

माता -पिता से सीखते हैं हम ये संस्कार,
जो दिलाता है हमे सबका स्नेह और प्यार ,

संस्कार बड़ा अनमोल रतन ,
कब तोल सकता इसे धन ?

संस्कार को अपनालो अब ,
अहंकार को दूर भगा ,

येही मेरी गुज़ारिश है ...
इसे तुम पूरा कर दिखाओ 

P.S. - I'm  so happy to be back again to my blog as I was busy in my exams .I missed you all so much and your amazing blogs..Will try to read all of  pending posts I missed those days.

And the most Important thing is that here I've shared my friend's (Shalini) first poem :) she wrote this poem inspired by me and coincidentally on my Birthday :) Hope you all will like it!!