Thursday, June 30, 2011

दो दुनी चार

ये कविता एक प्यारी सी दोस्ती पर आधारित है I

दोस्ती चार दोस्तों की ( गीता ,सिमरन ,मोहिनी , मोनू )

जिसमे प्यार है , एक दुसरे का साथ है , विश्वास है , प्रकाश है ,एक महकती और खिलखिलाती जिंदगी की शुरुआत है , इस कविता के एक एक अंश मे बयान हुई हमारी कहानी हमारी ही जुबानी आपको लगेगी ये हकीक़त जिंदगानी .....
तीन अलबेली, मस्त सहेली
जैसे पहेली, बडी अटखेली

गीत जीवन का गायें हर पल
सिमरन प्यार का फैलाए हर पल
छा गयी इनकी मोहिनी दुनिया में
                                           - मोहिनी

गीता के मीठे सुर
मोहिनी का स्नेह और प्यार
सिमरन की याद बन गया जैसे
एक प्यारा त्यौहार  
खुशियों की बौछार
रंगोंका निखार
बन गया प्यारासा त्योहार
सिम मोहू और गीता का प्यार

सिम्मो, गीत और मोहू की यारी
खुशियाँ हैं इसमें ढेर सारी
तीनों हैं प्यारी
तीनों हैं निराली
सब जाएँ इस यारी पे वारी - वारी
सिम्मो है जैसे कोई परी
गीत है जैसे कोई राजकुमारी
और मोहू है जैसे कोई रानी  
नहीं हैं किसीको भी कोई हैरानी
क्योंकि इनकी दोस्ती है जानी  मानी
                                                - मोनु

 ----------TO BE CONTINUED--------


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Last Breathe

Sitting before window,
Staring on a meadow on which they laid ,they played..
Mesmerizing memories,
She closed her eyes and it was like those moments once again alive,
Moments when he was so close to her,
She miss his touch that warmed her,
His eyes that said it all in silence,
His warm breathe that soothed  to her soul,
Their mingled fingers and that shining ring,
 The mark of their love!
She laid on his chest  and could hear his heartbeats,
His hand on her shoulder  assured her of his care…
But her enigmatic heart asked : Jien, Do you Love me?
He replied in a soft voice and brushing her hairs back..I Love you so much, Shirley!
She was now sure for his love..
And asked of her heart’s most awaiting question ..
Will you be mine forever?  Will you marry?
He replied: Come on Shirley, Can’t we love each other as friends?
I don’t want to live my life in a cage of your boundations! Got me?
She was in tears,
Her heart was break , her dreams were all drained !
And suddenly she opened her eyes and found her self in tears..
She was feeling so helpless and regret of loosing her love ..
Her life was in dark !
She walked to stairs on her terrace and did as she promised to him..
‘’I can’t live without you, you are my everything and when I loosed you..nothing more is left in my dark life!’’
 ‘’Bye Jien, I’m leaving  you..Hope to meet you in other life and may you understand my love for  you and accept me as the way I wished! I’m sure you gonna miss me so much  .She stood upon the building’s  roof  taking long breath she closed her eyes.. And said,’’My last breathe wished to lasts within you but you left me alone!!’’ ! Bye.’’And jumped from a high building and committed a suicide !!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Walking along him,
Holding his hand;I grew,
He loves me a lot that truth I knew,
He keeps on asking ''Who's cute princess you are?'' ''who loves you the most?''
With a gurgle and in unclear pronunciation I say da -dayy !
Day by day he loved me more,
And he made his place within my heart's core..
He loves me more than anything else that he ensured,
He never even allowed a tear to trickle down from my eyes,
And teaches me many lessons to be a good heart and wise;
And asks with an eager expression...
''Who's cute princess you are?'' ''who loves you the most?''
And I say with proud and with a broad smile, Dady!
He reads my heart, 
he reads my mind..
If something goes wrong he gives me advice,
My cute princess, You are brave don't loose hope,
I love you the most and I say with a smile..
Me too love you a lot Dady.. :)

Wishing you ''HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DADY''  you are my world , I love you Dady:)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Dark

Green leaves getting marcscent;
Turning to tenebrous,
Black shed of clouds over moon and stars covering around all around...
A shadow rectifying its darkness,
Mixture of dark in light gleaming texture drab off its shine;
Closure of bulb quite for the light or resigns,
Close eyes can feel the dark; the emptiness inside!!
Eclipse covering the sun turns off its bright light.

Monday, June 13, 2011


In this beautiful rain my heart wants to forget it's pain and to let enter the shimmering pearls into my vein,
Closing my eyes with an open heart and open arms I'm welcoming this beautiful rain to grasp it tightly within...
In an optimism that it will ameliorate my sored heart and shattered dreams;
Oh rain , I wish you come again and again; You pleases to my soul and makes me realize my fowl, 
Though the drizzle makes vociferous sound but it assures me that you are coming to the ground!
The hue of rainbow makes me feel the delight ; enlighten my hopes and the way of destiny's bright.
In this beautiful rain my heart wants to forget it's pain and to let enter the shimmering pearls into my vein.
Wet soil's fragrance enhancing my sensation more eternally ; I want to dance in this graceful rain and won't break this amicable chain,
You are the one who heal up my pain;
You are the one who pleases to my vein,
Come rain again and again and heal up my broken heart and strain.
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Other Day

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I’m ready for tonight’s party, DJ and bright dancing lights,
I getup mildly like a princess,
Everyone’s eye was chasing my steps but I was waiting for one on whom my eyes get struck…
It was like God had listened to my heart.
My eyes were at rest;
When I saw a guy whose soothing appearance took me to the other world of my dreams and felt the peace within my soul,
My heart beats were so fast just like a drum when patted,
There were many but my eyes were struck at his blue shining eyes,
They were not ready to leave his appearance.
His eyes strike to mine;
He returned me a cute smile and I accepted him in reply by passing him a smile,
He walked to me; I was bit nervous and was bit excited…
He came to me holding my hand he kissed and softly he asked, ‘’Hey Beautiful Girl Can You Dance With me’’?
I little hesitated but my smile was saying of my heart...
Holding my hand he took me to the dancing floor,
We danced; we talked,
We said all within our heart…
But still I wanted to say something; I was worrying...
Should I tell him now?
And suddenly I said of my heart; I love you and want to marry you..!
He replied softly ‘’Love you too darling but I can’t marry you’’ …
I asked him the reason; He told me the bitter truth of his life,
I’m suffering from brain hemorrhage at last stage;
This night is my last night so, I came here just to enjoy the last night of my life and was came here to meet someone special like you ; who can make my last moment memorable…
You’re like an angel; Thanks for making my last night so beautiful,
I’ll never forget you, he was in tears …
Wait for… maybe one day you’ll get your soul mate your charming prince but promise me you’ll never forget me;
I told him, you’re the only my charming prince of my dreams …
I was waiting for someone like you; a tear trickle down from my eyes,
I’ll never forget you my prince; no one can take your place …
I’ll be in the wait to meet you the other day... Come soon!
And with a smile and tears in eyes, he said,’’the other day’’.

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