Friday, December 31, 2010

Pyaar ke Intejaar mai

Chal rahi fiza tham si gai,
Ghata ki aandhi ruk si gai,
Chalte - chalte achanak kadam thehar se gaye,
Nazaane kyu?...
Aankhon mai dard tha,
Honton pe udasi thi,
Chadar mai lipti sisakti rahi mai saari raat...
Tumhare intejaar mai....
Aankhon mai intejaar tha tumhare iqrar ka,
Dil bekarar tha tumhari chah ka,
Ye jaankar bhi ki tum na dil anjaan tha,
Nazaane kyu?...
Saari umar yu hi bita di tumhare pyar ke intejar mai,
Dil mai aag lagi thi ...par dil na jalaya tumhare pyar mai,
Dil ho chuka tha bebas ..par haar na maani tumhare pyar mai,
Tumhare intejaar mai...
Ji rahi thi mai tumhari rah takte- takte,
Mit rahi thi mai har pal kat te-kat te,
Thi darkar tumhare aane ki dustak par,
Tham gai ye saanse tumhare rah tak te- tak te,
Par tum na aaye...
Nazaane kyu?

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Dreams are like free bird,
They always keep on trying to reach at the top,
Dreams are full of expectations,
Dreams are full of determination,
Dreams are like a key of a lock of our desire,
They makes us stood higher and higher,
Dreams are the happiness of satisfaction,
Our dreams shows us the way to move ahead,
It's only our dreams tides us with our success..
Dreams are full of strenous,
Dreams are full of sacrifice,
Dreams are full of imagination,
Dreams are full of hope,
They are only dreams that gives us strength to fly higher and higher.

Friday, December 10, 2010


SUMMARY-in this story a boy attracted towards the black beauty of an eye of a girl. He started loving her ..but after few days she died....
When I saw a girl, I felt down in the beauty of darkness. I was a stranger.. but the beauty of her black eye attracted me towards her. Now ,my mind was totally diverted towards her black beauty of eye..That even whenever I open or close my eyes only she appears in front of me. I started loving her but never told her about it.On the day of valentine , I decided  to propose her. But who knows the God's decision..she died in an accident and that made my life full of darkness. Now it was very unusual situation , I was in the darkness but still I was waiting for the beauty of darkness.